Welcome to Famiclub!

Chat about video games, graphic design, whatever!
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Welcome to Famiclub!

Hello! Thanks for coming!

Famiclub is an online community for creating, collaborating, and celebrating the history and culture of video games through graphic design.

Created initially to bring together the community surrounding the My Famicase Exhibition, the aim of Famiclub is not only to be a place to discuss Famicase, the Famicom, and retro games and consoles, but also to organise and participate in further projects around video game art and design across all consoles, platforms and mediums. Also, to be a friendly and fun community of like-minded folks to discuss our favourite video games and other hobbies!

Myself, @malyzar, and @andrewelmore have been working on the Famiclub project in our spare time on and off for the last couple of months. With the downfall of Twitter late last year, we thought this might be a cool opportunity to give this wonderful creative community a new home online.

To clarify, we are of course in no way affiliated with METEOR, and the actual My Famicase Exhibition.


What are we doing here?
Coming together as a cool and unique community at the intersection of video games and graphic design. Post about upcoming games, projects you're working on, and participate in creative jams!

Why a forum, and not like... Discord? or something?
Forums are cool! and fun! and customisable! And in my opinion, the perfect online format for posting a creative work and then having a discussion about it as a community. Also, we're sick of modern social media platforms. And Discord is a pain. And we can do whatever we like here!

What kind of things do we post about?
Here's a quick example of the kind of stuff that would fit in Famiclub:
  • General Chat / Media: Post about whatever! Books, movies, music, outside, the internet. We're all like-minded and love to learn about new things.
  • Video Games: Obviously. Upcoming games, retro games, specific consoles, speedrunning. All that good stuff.
  • Graphic Design & Art: Working on something cool and want to show it off? Did you find something cool made by someone else and want to show that off? Tools, brushes, hardware, careers, venting. Similar creative fields like web design, game design, music production etc can also be discussed here!
  • Events & Jams: This is where the magic happens. Post about creative community exhibitions (such as Famicase) here - but then create your own! Want to have a jam where we come together to design a series of new covers for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, or create a series of logos for a fictional successor of the Dreamcast? You've come to the right place.
  • Famiclub Feedback: Got a suggestion for a new forum, or a new feature we need? Found a weird bug? Make a thread, or reply to this one, or just PM me, and we'll see what we can do.
The forum is missing something or looks weird!
This is my first time maintaining and styling a PHP-based forum of this kind. With that said, I do know that there are some inconsistencies with the design, and lots more that can be done to make Famiclub an outstanding, unique, and creative place to hang out online.

Please leave any feedback and suggestions you may have regarding the colours, iconography, layout, etc of the forum, and I will do my best to work on updating and fixing things when I have time available.

Issues concerning accessibility will be prioritised - so please don't hesitate to create a feedback thread or shoot me a PM if you spot any accessibility issues.

Anyway. Read the rules. Don't be a jerk. Have fun! Thanks for being a part of Famiclub!! :D

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