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Pronouns: He/Him
Location: Mesa,AZ

Obsessively playing Helldivers 2, and just started FF7 Rebirth. So far, not enjoying Rebirth as much as Remake, but at least HD2 kicks ass. Also, I started Cyberpunk again, since I didn't get very far last time. haha

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Pronouns: he/him
Location: Brisbane, AUS

I super enjoyed Helldivers 1 back when it released. I always thought it flew under the radar - so it's been great to see the success and praise for Helldivers 2. Really glad they kept the stratagems and friendly fire that made the first game so chaotic. I will hopefully buy and play it with a friend in the near future once their server load situation is under control a bit more.

I was thinking about Control recently after watching some episodes of Severance.

So naturally the best thing for me to do was to start playing Alan Wake, with the aim of then moving on to Control and then to Alan Wake 2.

I've never played Alan Wake before and only had a somewhat negative impression of it from reading online over the years. I'm really enjoying it! Yes it's definitely a 360/PS3 era game in a big way, and yes Alan Wake himself seems like a real dipshit. But it's been really fun in a B-grade horror movie sorta way.
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