The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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205-ish hours. Once I got tired of running around exploring I mainlined the shrines (with a bit of help from a guide for the last 5-10 I was missing), got the reward, and then it was Ganon time, baby.
Thing I didn't realise but would have made Shrine-hunting much easier
The surface shrines are mirrored with the underground Lightroots! Man, this would have saved me so much time running around waiting for the Shrine Sensor to go off.
Endgame impressions etc:
I liked it! About what I expected for the end of a Zelda game, of course.

Had to roll my eyes a bit when there was another fight that progressed between Bokoblin / Moblin / etc. I think perhaps it would have been cooler to have actually fought the boss rush instead of the Sages jumping in to take care of those.

Ganondorf fight was cool. It was a pleasant surprise to see that it mirrored all the Phantom Ganon fights. Felt like I'd been training for the fight throughout the whole game. Always good to see the Dead Man's Volley appear in the Ganondorf fights. And the dragon stuff was cool. A nice different take on Demon Pig Ganon.

But yeah, fairly expected ending. My main question for the game was 'How are they gonna turn Zelda human again?' Turns out they didn't really have an answer to that either. The ghosts from the past shot some magic beams at her seems like a poor explanation for how she got out of the irreversible dragon transformation 🤷

I also still feel that this entire plotline would have worked better as a prequel to BOTW rather than a sequel. But I guess dealing with a time travel plot is always difficult.
Anyway, overall, I loved it. I think if I could choose one main gripe it would be that it was never actually really necessary to engage with the vehicle building to solve problems and win fights. Even with autobuild, what's the point of building a car with cannons attached when I can just whack em with my big swords over and over. Would have been cool to see a major temple or endgame dungeon really revolve around needing to build creative vehicles to progress. Always room for some DLC!

Bring back Kass!
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